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Tickle Lipo Surgeon is “The Man” When It Comes To Aesthetics Oscars

Tickle Lipo plastic surgeon Daniel Man wins Cell Rich Fat Transfer awardPaul Herchman, CEO of Medical Alliance Services continues to celebrate Tickle Lipo’s recent success as Tickle Lipo plastic surgeon Daniel Man, was the winner of the “Best Overall Facial Makeover” Category at THE Aesthetic Awards™ Show in Las Vegas.

THE Aesthetic Awards™ presented April 12-15 at the Aria Resort was hosted by Dr. Andrew Ordon, star of the Emmy-winning daytime talk show The Doctors and celebrates the work of the best medical aesthetic surgery professionals in several categories over the past year.

For board certified plastic surgeon Daniel Man, based in Boca Raton, Florida, THE Aesthetics Show Award™ was another in a long line of acknowledgements he has received for his work for cosmetic procedures, many of which include N.I.L. and Cell Rich Fat Transfer.

Tickle Liposuction’s Cell Rich Fat Transfer is at the forefront of the latest cosmetic surgery developments due to its clinically documented high quality of fat and cells using Tickle Lipo as the technology for fat harvesting. With Cell Rich Fat Transfer for natural fillers in the face, natural breast augmentations, or buttocks augmentations, a physician no longer needs to overfill graft areas due to the high absorption rate of the body’s own fat.

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Cell Rich Fat Could Be Key To Success For Texas Stem Cell Legislation

Texas Approves Stem Cell RulesThe Texas Medical Board’s April 13 approval of controversial new rules on the use of adult stem cells, could rejuvenate stem cell use in procedures to help patients recover. The new rules allow doctors to perform stem cell procedures as long as they are done for research, receive approval from an institutional review board, and assume patients have signed informed consent forms.

Though the medical community advocates further clinical trials to validate results, the anecdotal evidence of success of stem cell injections is hard to ignore. The new rules provide a better definition of stem cells and will protect Texas patients more effectively. Rick Perry Spearheads Texas Stem Cell LegislationGovernor Rick Perry, who reported relief from back pain after being injected with his own stem cells last summer, spearheaded the push for legislation related to adult stem cells. The rules approved do not address the use of embryonic stem cells — a far more controversial procedure that has drawn moral and religious objections.

Bone marrow transplants, which use blood-forming stem cells, have been used effectively for decades to treat a variety of ailments and Perry recognized the “revolutionary potential that adult stem cell research and therapies have on our nation’s health, quality of life and economy.”

Quality of Stem Cells from NIL is Superior to Other Liposuction TechnologyWhat nobody has included in the discussion is the fact that a patient’s own fat (adipose fat) can be as good a source of stem cells as bone marrow and is much easier to harvest with a side benefit of providing fat loss in other areas of the body. The key to a successful stem cell procedure is the quality of cells that are harvested whether from bone marrow or adipose tissue and this is good news for Tickle Lipo doctors and patients.

Medical Alliance Services President, Kevin O’Brien commented “this creates a legal framework for Physicians who want to further research related to adult stem cells. It benefits Tickle Lipo because N.I.L. has been found to retrieve high volumes of regenerative cells which, when isolated, would be beneficial for stem cell therapies.”

During recent documented clinical trials, Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture (N.I.L.) better known as Tickle Lipo, has been shown to harvest a higher quality of fat and cells than any technology on the market today. Tickle Lipo technology is more gentle than other liposuction methods thereby preserving the tissue and cells. Doctors who want to add stem cell therapies to their practices would obviously want to add NIL liposuction technology.

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When In Rome… Discuss Fat Grafting Like the Romans Do!

Fat Grafting Major Topic at Event Held in Rome

Fat grafting for natural breast augmentation and Brazilian butt liftOn March 9-11, Rome was the scene of the International Society of Plastic Regenerative Surgery (ISPRES) with doctors from 45 countries represented. The program was full of topics related to use of ADRC’s for fat grafting and specific fat grafting techniques, including the harvesting, survivability, grafting techniques for specific procedures, and results of fat grafts.

The world is just beginning to discover the potential of fat grafts for cosmetic and regenerative procedures and Tickle Lipo’s Cell Rich Fat Transfer is in the forefront of this cosmetic surgery revolution due to its clinically documented high quality of fat and cells using “Tickle Lipo” as the technology for harvesting the fat to be used in these procedures.

Body Contouring Using Your Own Fat

Consumers of cosmetic procedures are becoming more aware of how they can lose fat and also discovering the possibilities of body contouring using their own fat for such enhancements as natural breast augmentation and Brazilian butt lift. While the desire for bigger buttocks is being driven by many celebrities and acquiring a Jlo butt has become part of our iconic language, woman who are looking to get bigger breasts, have always been concerned about breast implants and have been looking for an alternative which will give them a natural breast augmentation.

Overfilling using facial fillers and injectables

Ashley Judd "Pillow Face" From Overfilling

With the advent of Cell Rich Fat Transfer, the physician no longer needs to overfill graft areas due to the high absorption rate of the body’s own fat. Over filling can create disastrous outcomes especially in the face. This makes the use of one’s own fat in place of “man made” injectables a reality with a high success rate for filling the nasolabial folds or to acquire fuller lips.

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NIL Again the Focus At Scientific Event

AACS logo American Academy of Cosmetic SurgeryAfter much success and many inquiries at the AACS show in Las Vegas in January this year, Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture (NIL), affectionately known as Tickle Lipo for the tickling sensation some patients experience during procedures to reduce fat, was again the focus of discussion at the Cell Society Scientific Event in San Diego February 17-18. The reason for all the buzz about NIL is the quality of adipose fat and ADRC’s (adipose derived regenerative cells) in the harvested fat.

In aesthetic surgery, the quality of fat is a big deal as it helps determine the ability to maintain volume during a fat grafting procedure. Whether it’s using fat harvested for fat loss as a natural facial filler or for a Brazilian butt lift, eliminating the need to “overfill” due to concerns of volume loss is a big deal and may even eliminate the need for a patient to store or bank fat for future procedures. “Most doctors are amazed at the 80-90% retention rate of adipose tissue from a fat graft using our technology” said Greg Miles of Millennium Medical Technologies who has developed a unique process to ensure such results.

Cell Society logoThe NIL (nutational infrasonic liposculpture) results have been so successful in fact, that many clinical and scientific specialists are doing further testing to validate results, though outcomes have already been clearly documented. At the request of some of these leading physicians, Medical Alliance Services, the North American distributor for Tickle Lipo is undergoingfurther testing in a highly documented clinical study which will result in a peer reviewed paper.

Fat grafting is becoming a huge opportunity in the cosmetic arena and doctors who can get a leg up on their competition will find new and existing patients clamoring at their practice doors. Patients are just discovering how to get rid of belly fat with a little Tickle Lipo and recycle it into a breast augmentation or Brazilian butt lift.

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