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When In Rome… Discuss Fat Grafting Like the Romans Do!

Fat Grafting Major Topic at Event Held in Rome

Fat grafting for natural breast augmentation and Brazilian butt liftOn March 9-11, Rome was the scene of the International Society of Plastic Regenerative Surgery (ISPRES) with doctors from 45 countries represented. The program was full of topics related to use of ADRC’s for fat grafting and specific fat grafting techniques, including the harvesting, survivability, grafting techniques for specific procedures, and results of fat grafts.

The world is just beginning to discover the potential of fat grafts for cosmetic and regenerative procedures and Tickle Lipo’s Cell Rich Fat Transfer is in the forefront of this cosmetic surgery revolution due to its clinically documented high quality of fat and cells using “Tickle Lipo” as the technology for harvesting the fat to be used in these procedures.

Body Contouring Using Your Own Fat

Consumers of cosmetic procedures are becoming more aware of how they can lose fat and also discovering the possibilities of body contouring using their own fat for such enhancements as natural breast augmentation and Brazilian butt lift. While the desire for bigger buttocks is being driven by many celebrities and acquiring a Jlo butt has become part of our iconic language, woman who are looking to get bigger breasts, have always been concerned about breast implants and have been looking for an alternative which will give them a natural breast augmentation.

Overfilling using facial fillers and injectables

Ashley Judd "Pillow Face" From Overfilling

With the advent of Cell Rich Fat Transfer, the physician no longer needs to overfill graft areas due to the high absorption rate of the body’s own fat. Over filling can create disastrous outcomes especially in the face. This makes the use of one’s own fat in place of “man made” injectables a reality with a high success rate for filling the nasolabial folds or to acquire fuller lips.

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Cell Rich Fat Transfer Likely To Be Hot Topic at AAPS Event

American Association of Plastic Surgeons 2012 annual conference in San FranciscoWith multiple sessions related to fat grafting and natural augmentations of breast and face, the 2012 annual conference of the American Association of Plastic Surgeons (AAPS) being held April 14-17 in San Francisco is sure to be ripe for discussion of Tickle Lipo’s Cell Rich Fat Transfer as part of these procedures.

More Studies Requested, But Results Are Undeniable

Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture (NIL) continues to garner major interest as the number one technical solution for such aesthetic surgery procedures as more professionals discover the high quality of fat and cells using Tickle Lipo for their fat harvesting procedures for fat loss.  Though plastic surgeons continue to ask for more information and further studies related to the Tickle Lipo success, physicians who have already weaved fat grafting into their practices using NIL to remove fat continue to report amazing and undeniable successes.

Patients Love The Benefits of Tickle Lipo

Tickle lipo is in the process of redesigning some website content to address the demand for information amongst surgical professionals.  We have already seen an uptick in interest on the web from consumers of cosmetic procedures who already recognize the multiple benefits of having their Liposculpture procedure to get rid of belly fat performed by a Physician who uses and NIL technology including: low risk awake anesthesia, less bruising and swelling, and minimal downtime.

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Brazilian Butt Lift is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures today. Using fat grafting techniques, one can lose belly fat during liposculpture and transfer fat to the butt.Fat Grafting Using NIL Gives Surgeons An Edge Over Their Competitors

Consumers of cosmetic surgery procedures have yet to fully realize the benefits of harvesting their fat using tickle lipo for such procedures as Brazilian butt lift and breast augmentation the natural way using their own fat for augmentation.  Once the surgical community becomes fully aware of Tickle’s Cell Rich Fat Transfer benefits for cosmetic solutions, they will have another range of procedures and services to discuss with existing liposuction patients.  If promoted properly, they should have a significant edge to growing their practice compared to their local competitors.

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