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Tickle Lipo Doctors Sound Off (Video)

Tickle Lipo Technology Remains Top-Rated And Is Here To Stay

Our last blog made a distinct and clear point – the MicroAire release last month was in error. Tickle Lipo is here to stay and, we’ll have more exciting news in 2012. In the meantime, we would like to thank our Tickle Lipo doctor-clients for sounding off. That they use Tickle Lipo technology because – it delivers as promised – and – is the best technology of its kind.

For example – Dr. Anil k Gandhi MD had this to say on November 21:

“I used Microair for almost 3 years, in large volume lipo ended up using #5 canulas. Now for past 8 months using Tickle lipo have only used # 3 canuls, and shortened suction time by almost half. Results are better superior and patients are happier. Never will go back to Microair. It needs improvements,modifications and need to catch up with Tickle lipo.”

Thank you Dr. Gandhi.

Just to sum it up, take a look at a short video – summing up what Tickle Lipo docs had to say, in response to the MicroAire confusion.

Thanks to everyone. Tickle Lipo especially benefits the end-user – customers who seek better liposuction – and – a better way to do it. Also,Tickle Lipo is a terrific technology for stem cell harvesting! More later.



Tickle Lipo CEO Clarifies Competitive Situation

In an open letter to his customers, Medical Alliance Services CEO Paul Herchman reinforced the benefits of the Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture device best known as “Tickle Lipo” for both surgeons and patients alike.

“Production and sales continue to grow as doctors and patients report on both the clinical benefits and results using Tickle Lipo technology” added Mr. Herchman. “In addition, we are expanding our level of service and will be announcing new programs to support our doctor network in 2012.”

There are ongoing clinical studies which support the contention that the quality of fat, used in fat grafting, and stem cells retrieved using Tickle Lipo is superior to any other liposuction system on the market today. Further details of these studies will be forthcoming in future announcements.

Review the comments below, attached to this blog post, to get the thoughts and opinions of doctors who have used both systems.

Medical Alliance Services Industry Workshop November 10

There’s always great news coming from the folks at Tickle Lipo. And, this week – parent company Medical Alliance Services presents an industry workshop geared toward doctors and other medical professionals.

tickle lipo photoCEO Paul Herchman says – the live workshop will be an overview of liposuction for fat removal; revolumize updates; as well as stem cell enrichment. Also covered, the ability for people to bank their fat: a trend lead by companies such as BioLife and Tickle Lipo – both of Dallas, Texas.

Also covered during this special workshop: informing patient/clients in using their stem cells for future clinical applications. And, they’ll be some updates on performing non-invasive body contouring – a hot trend in the cosmetic doctor world.

The event will include medical professionals/doctors and promises to be cutting edge. It is sponsored in conjunction with Syneron/Candela and Medical Alliance Services.  The event will feature four expert speakers.

“It’s important for physicians to understand how this market is evolving so they can properly position their practice and benefit their patients in the near future and longterm,” says Herchman.

Tickle Lipo doctors can expect the latest and the best from Medical Alliance Services and doctor attendance looks to be very good.

William Bruyea of Stem Cell TV will reporting from the event and exclusive videos will be posted here in the coming weeks.

Tickle Lipo – As Seen On Youtube – Part 1

Tickle Lipo has built a reputation with doctors and consumers around the country and beyond. One way to gauge this, is to check Youtube. There, we see dozens of Tickle Lipo features and stories from TV stations and local doctors. The most recent comes to us from Dr. Zelko in Milwaukee – and WTMJ-TV. We’ll post that video on a later date.

But first, let’s go to the Hall of Fame. This particular video comes to us from about a year ago – and Hall’s Plastic Surgery in Austin, Tx. The music sounds fantastic, like those Charlie Brown specials we use to see. Here’s the video.

Another video comes to us from November 2010 – from KYW-TV 3 in Philadelphia. This story features a 27-year-old women who decided to try liposuction (but not traditional lipo as the story tells us). The women says she’s having “Tickle Lipo done” and the results are here.  What’s interesting says the story, is that patient’s are awake and the procedure is pretty much pain free. One patient called it a “tickle” sensation. KYW Tickle Lipo Story.   We like to thank Dr. Dan Mann and his patient for this terrific story.