Tickle Liposuction Best For Body Sculpting – Dr. Tess Mauricio

Tickle Lipo by Dr. Tess Mauricio

Dr. Tess Mauricio of Scripps Ranch Dermatology & Cosmetic Center

An Interview With Dr. Tess Mauricio Of San Diego


Tickle Lipo – It’s no secret you’ve been using Tickle Lipo on your patients for several years now. Why did you decide to go with this technology?

Dr Mauricio –  I began doing traditional liposuction ten years ago. When laser and later, Vaser liposuction came along I tried both technologies. Once Tickle Lipo came along – I tried it – and I’m so happy that this technology exists. It makes my job easier and generates results that are difficult to achieve with other technologies.

TL – How Is It Different?

Dr. MauricioYou are really doing contouring in a three-dimensional way under the skin. When it comes to fine detail, sculpting, which is what I do. I really sculpt the body and I find that Tickle Lipo makes the job much easier. I have a lot better control and a better way to blend in the areas that I’ve done, to the areas that are not done. I’m able to do that at a fast pace and with less effort on my part. Patients get much better results and are very happy.

TL – Does It Help With Tummy Tucks?

Dr. Mauricio - I specialize in larger-volume liposuction. I’m comfortable with removing four liters of fat in one session – and Tickle Lipo is much more efficient for such procedures. meaning you’re not keeping your patient under anesthesia as long. Even with high volume liposuction – the areas we treat don’t get the expected loose skin. I believe the Tickle Lipo technique adds to skin tightening or at least, it doesn’t create the loose skin that people worry about.

Some of my patients who have gone to plastic surgeons to investigate tummy tucks are coming in, and we’re removing the equivalent of eight pounds of fat just from their abdomen – without a tummy tuck or getting loose skin. I tell most patients – in my view, a tummy tuck is really only reserved for patients who have lost maybe 100 pounds or have had significant stretch marks from previous pregnancies. If you don’t have that and have normal skin – and I’ve done Tickle Lipo on patients in their mid-sixties, I really do not see loose skin at all, even though I’m removing many liters of fat. There are a lot of surgeons who are not comfortable with working with larger patients – but that’s a specialty of mine.

TL – And you have your share of revision patients?

Dr MauricioThat’s correct. I think, unfortunately, there a lot of people out there that have had previous liposuction surgery that has left them disfigured and it has placed an emotional strain on them. Because I am able to do a lot of fine sculpting/finessing – and sculpt areas many surgeons don’t want to touch such as the arms, inner thighs, and around the knees patients feel very comfortable and know they can leave  – much happier.

TL – You Mention Sculpting. How Important Is That?

Dr. MauricioI think because I’m a woman – I think there is something different in how a woman handles a body. My patients get a woman’s touch – an artist’s touch… an expert’s touch. It’s all about creating a physical shape that is ideal. I had one patient – sixty four years old – she went from a size twelve to a size four…

Tickle Lipo will have more from this interview with Dr. Tess Mauricio in a future post. For physicians who want to learn more about the subtleties of Tickle Lipo and the clinical and patient benefits, click here to learn more from a Tickle Lipo surgeon. To learn more about the technology visit our Cell Rich Fat Transfer page.

Injecting Fat – Understanding Fat Grafting

Fat Grafting (including Fat Injections) are cosmetic procedures whereby excess fat is taken from one or more areas of the body and then transferred to another in order to add plumpness. This is generally a relatively quick procedure and done on an outpatient status.

Fat Grafting using Tickle Lipo

Buttock Enhancement Is One Of Today's Most Popular Procedures

The average patient that undergoes this procedure will have fat from their abdomen, thighs or buttocks transferred to the buttocks, breasts, eyes, lips, hands, temples or cheeks. Within just a few days, a person will be back to regular activities after undergoing this relatively simple procedure, when compared to other types of cosmetic procedures.

For those who want to rejuvenate their appearance while removing unwanted fat from other parts of the body, a fat transplant can replace youthful volume that is often lost as a result of aging or weight loss. It is extremely natural-looking and actually re-creates a contour much closer to that of the past, before the changes due to age. Fat grafting can create supple-looking skin and restore youthful contours.

Is Fat Grafting for Me?

Fat grafting patients often choose this procedure because they are bothered by facial hollows, age-related appearance in the hands or face, lost fat volume (whether age related or not), or just a lack of plumpness in a specific body area such as breasts or buttocks. Since almost all patients have fat they want to or can afford to lose from another area of the body, it is common to combine the harvesting of this fat and rather than discard it, use it as a natural filler to create added benefit at the same time.

Facial fat grafting using fat harvested with Tickle LipoSince the grafting portion of the procedure is swift and easy relative to other cosmetic surgery such as liposuction, there is little additional discomfort and healing is swift. On the face, common treatment areas include beneath the eyes, the cheeks (either next to the nose or toward the cheekbones), nasolabial folds (laugh lines), the lips, temples, jaw line and chin.

During Your Procedure

This procedure involves harvesting healthy fat cells from an area of the body where excess fat is present, and then transferring the fat to parts of the body or face where hollowing has occurred. Fat harvesting is accomplished by using liposuction to remove fat from a donor area – typically the stomach, love-handles, or thighs. The removed fat is then purified and injected into the appropriate locations.

Why Use Tickle Lipo Harvested Fat?

Fat harvesting using Tickle Lipo's Cell Rich Fat Transfer

Fat Can Be Harvested From Virtually Anywhere But Most Often Comes From The Stomach, Hips, and Thighs

One of the top questions asked by patients is about lost volume after the graft and how long the graft will last. Since documented studies have shown that the quality and volume of fat harvested is greatest using Tickle Lipo’s “Cell Rich Fat Transfer” system, a procedure performed using Tickle Lipo™ brand technology will yield the best, most permanent results.

Healing after Surgery

Recuperation time from fat grafts will vary depending on the number and location of grafts performed. They are more likely to have a longer recover from the liposuctioin procedure to harvest fat. Typically, patients can return to their normal routines in 7 to 10 days. You may feel slightly sore after liposuction, as though you have just finished a strenuous workout. This is normal and will subside within a few days.

Light swelling is common after fat injections into the breast, buttocks or face, as it is with artificial fillers. This swelling can sometimes distort the results temporarily. It may take a few weeks for the swelling to resolve and see the final results.

A Complete Makeover

Fat grafting is very effective when used alone, but it can also accompany other procedures such as a facelift or eyelid surgery. Performing laser skin resurfacing in addition to fat grafting can provide further improvements in the skin’s overall texture and tone. This is the type of procedure used by Dr. Man for which he won a national award and we highlighted in a previous article.

You May Also Need to Know

Fat grafting is perhaps the greatest advancement in surgical facial rejuvenation in the past 10 years. Now, the debate about its use and benefits is over. At cosmetic and plastic surgery conferences both nationally and internationally, fat grafting for facial rejuvenation and body enhancement are usually a large part of the agenda and are included in major panel discussions.

Fat grafts are now a mainstream cosmetic procedure and Tickle Lipo is becoming a household name with both patients and the surgeon community because their Cell Rich Fat Transfer yields the most consistent and successful cosmetic outcome.

Patients, don’t forget to visit our procedure page for more information about Tickle Lipo and let us help you find a Tickle Lipo surgeon in your area for your free consultation.

Surgeons, click here to find out more about Cell Rich Fat Transfer using Tickle Lipo.

Tickle Lipo Surgeon is “The Man” When It Comes To Aesthetics Oscars

Tickle Lipo plastic surgeon Daniel Man wins Cell Rich Fat Transfer awardPaul Herchman, CEO of Medical Alliance Services continues to celebrate Tickle Lipo’s recent success as Tickle Lipo plastic surgeon Daniel Man, was the winner of the “Best Overall Facial Makeover” Category at THE Aesthetic Awards™ Show in Las Vegas.

THE Aesthetic Awards™ presented April 12-15 at the Aria Resort was hosted by Dr. Andrew Ordon, star of the Emmy-winning daytime talk show The Doctors and celebrates the work of the best medical aesthetic surgery professionals in several categories over the past year.

For board certified plastic surgeon Daniel Man, based in Boca Raton, Florida, THE Aesthetics Show Award™ was another in a long line of acknowledgements he has received for his work for cosmetic procedures, many of which include N.I.L. and Cell Rich Fat Transfer.

Tickle Liposuction’s Cell Rich Fat Transfer is at the forefront of the latest cosmetic surgery developments due to its clinically documented high quality of fat and cells using Tickle Lipo as the technology for fat harvesting. With Cell Rich Fat Transfer for natural fillers in the face, natural breast augmentations, or buttocks augmentations, a physician no longer needs to overfill graft areas due to the high absorption rate of the body’s own fat.

To find out how to incorporate N.I.L. and Cell Rich Fat Transfer into your practice, contact us for more information.

Tickle Lipo Offer Makes Body Sculpting With Cell Rich Fat Easier Than Ever

Body Sculpting using NIL from Tickle LipoFor Aesthetic Surgeons who want to incorporate body sculpting into their practices using the highest quality fat, Tickle Lipo has released an exceptional trade-in offer (up to $15,000) for physicians with alternative liposuction equipment, but the offer is available only through the end of June.

Medical and surgical equipment is constantly changing which is why plastic surgery is constantly evolving and improving. Tickle Lipo’s Cell Rich Fat Transfer is now at the forefront of the cosmetic surgery revolution for body sculpting. This is due to its clinically documented high quality of fat and cells using the Tickle Lipo surgical device as the technology for harvesting the fat to be used in fat grafting procedures. With Cell Rich Fat Transfer, whether used for natural fillers in the face, natural breast augmentations, or buttocks augmentations, a physician no longer needs to overfill graft areas due to the high absorption rate of the body’s own fat.

NIL by Tickle Lipo for the best body sculpting resultsNutational Infrasonic Liposculpture (N.I.L.) affectionately known as “Tickle Lipo” due to the tickling sensation some patients experience during a procedure, has been in the news recently due to the high quality of cells and fat harvested using N.I.L. technology. Cell Rich Fat Transfer is a simple, fast, gentle, and low cost fat harvesting/transfer method, which yields quality reinjectable adipose tissue with high potency of adipose derived regenerative cells (ADRC’s). The world is just beginning to discover its potential for fat grafts for during cosmetic and regenerative procedures.

Physicians who want more information about the benefits of N.I.L. and this amazing trade-in offer should click here.

Patients who are considering a liposuction procedure should click here to find out why they should use a surgeon who uses Tickle Lipo.

Liposuction Again Tops Cosmetic Procedures List

Tickle Lipo will once play an integral part at the annual meeting for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastics Surgery May 3-8, 2012 in Vancouver, Canada. With a wide range of topics related to fat grafting, body contouring, and regenerative medicine on the program, Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture (N.I.L.) will be at the top of the list of vendors to visit for physicians who want to stay current with the latest technology and top results for these procedures.

Vancouver hosts 2012 ASAPS Annual Meeting. Liposuction top cosmetic procedure in 2011This beautiful, cosmopolitan city which borders both mountains and ocean will be a picturesque setting and playground for plastic surgeons to enjoy the amenities of the area after spending a day learning from leading edge presenters and vendors. According to 2011 ASAPS statistics liposuction narrowly edged breast augmentation as the top cosmetic procedure with over 325,000 performed.

In recent years, body image focus has been on body contouring rather than just fat loss, particularly with the growing use of a person’s own fat (adipose fat) for other enhancements. In addition to the growth in popularity of Brazilian butt lift and fuller lips popularized by high-profile celebrities, there is growing interest in recycling one’s own fat for facial fillers and to replace breast implants.

In such cases, a physician’s ability to ensure a successful outcome and ensure a happy patient is dependent on the ability to place the right amount of fat during the procedure. It is natural for the body to absorb some of this fat which often causes doctors to “overfill” to ensure the final result. Tickle Lipo’s recent clinical studies have shown that the gentle nature of the nutational action results in a high quality of fat and regenerative cells. This high fat quality eliminates the need to “overfill” during procedures and produces a higher probability of a positive outcome.

Tickle Liposuction top technology for fat grafting and Brazilian Butt LiftCell Rich Fat Transfer from Tickle Lipo is quickly becoming the must have technology for physicians who want to be on the forefront of the wave of patient demand for fat grafting and body contouring procedures.

For surgeons who are going to attend the ASAPS event, visit booth number 121.

For more information NOW regarding Cell Rich Fat Transfer, visit Tickle Lipo.



Cell Rich Fat Could Be Key To Success For Texas Stem Cell Legislation

Texas Approves Stem Cell RulesThe Texas Medical Board’s April 13 approval of controversial new rules on the use of adult stem cells, could rejuvenate stem cell use in procedures to help patients recover. The new rules allow doctors to perform stem cell procedures as long as they are done for research, receive approval from an institutional review board, and assume patients have signed informed consent forms.

Though the medical community advocates further clinical trials to validate results, the anecdotal evidence of success of stem cell injections is hard to ignore. The new rules provide a better definition of stem cells and will protect Texas patients more effectively. Rick Perry Spearheads Texas Stem Cell LegislationGovernor Rick Perry, who reported relief from back pain after being injected with his own stem cells last summer, spearheaded the push for legislation related to adult stem cells. The rules approved do not address the use of embryonic stem cells — a far more controversial procedure that has drawn moral and religious objections.

Bone marrow transplants, which use blood-forming stem cells, have been used effectively for decades to treat a variety of ailments and Perry recognized the “revolutionary potential that adult stem cell research and therapies have on our nation’s health, quality of life and economy.”

Quality of Stem Cells from NIL is Superior to Other Liposuction TechnologyWhat nobody has included in the discussion is the fact that a patient’s own fat (adipose fat) can be as good a source of stem cells as bone marrow and is much easier to harvest with a side benefit of providing fat loss in other areas of the body. The key to a successful stem cell procedure is the quality of cells that are harvested whether from bone marrow or adipose tissue and this is good news for Tickle Lipo doctors and patients.

Medical Alliance Services President, Kevin O’Brien commented “this creates a legal framework for Physicians who want to further research related to adult stem cells. It benefits Tickle Lipo because N.I.L. has been found to retrieve high volumes of regenerative cells which, when isolated, would be beneficial for stem cell therapies.”

During recent documented clinical trials, Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture (N.I.L.) better known as Tickle Lipo, has been shown to harvest a higher quality of fat and cells than any technology on the market today. Tickle Lipo technology is more gentle than other liposuction methods thereby preserving the tissue and cells. Doctors who want to add stem cell therapies to their practices would obviously want to add NIL liposuction technology.

Physicians can get more information about the benefits of N.I.L. and Cell Rich Fat Transfer by visiting us here.

Patients who are considering a liposuction procedure should visit our procedure page from TV to find out why they should use a surgeon who uses Tickle Lipo.

Fat Grafting Continues To Grow as Hot Aesthetic Surgery Topic

NIL will be hot topic at The Aesthetics ShowThis year’s International Fat Grafting Forum April 13-14 New Orleans, Louisiana was a virtual who’s who of the cosmetic and plastic surgery world and of course Tickle Lipo will be an integral part of the event.

Those on the leading edge of the latest fat grafting discoveries will be there to share presentations about exciting new techniques and technologies related to the use of autologous fat in cosmetic procedures such as facial fat grafts instead of artificial fillers, natural breast augmentations, and Brazilian butt lifts.

The acknowledged key to success with all of these aesthetic procedures is the quality of fat harvested and the quality and volume of ADRC’s (adipose derived regenerative cells) in the fat to be used during grafts.  This is why Tickle Lipo’s presence at this event is of paramount importance.  Recent clinical studies involving Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture (N.I.L.) technology for harvesting fat and Cell Rich Fat Transfer have clearly demonstrated that Tickle Lipo is the leader in this field today.

While clinical studies continue across the whole subject matter of fat grafting and fat removal techniques, physicians who are using N.I.L. in their practices for High quality of fat grafts using Tickle Lipo during fat harvestfat grafting are already having huge successes with their patients.  High quality of fat and cells removed during liposculpture using N.I.L. is creating positive outcomes of fat transplantation without having to overfill to achieve the desired results.

As awareness in popularity of these cosmetic solutions continues to grow in the patient community, plastic surgeons who are serious about this market segment will be adding Tickle Lipo technology so that they can offer fat grafting as a mainstream cosmetic procedure to their practices.

Doctors, find out all the benefits of Tickle Lipo for both your practice and your patients. Click here for more first-hand information from a Physician like you.

Growth in Popularity of Brazilian Butt Lift a Bonus For Tickle Lipo

Brazilian Buttocks Augmentation In The Press

Buttocks augmentation using Tickle Lipo

The J'Lo Butt Has Become Famous

Almost daily we read a press release about a cosmetic surgeon adding Brazilian Butt Lift to their practice as a cosmetic procedure and its growth in popularity in our common culture. Its growth in exposure is directly proportional to the growth in celebrities who have popularized the gluteal augmentation as a beauty feature to be admired. Fueling its acceptance is the use of analogous adipose fat as the material of choice for enhancement for plastic surgeons rather than using silicone implants as was previously the standard.

While breast augmentations remain the most popular procedure, enhancing the buttocks profile has spike in demand and physicians who are doing fat grafting as part of their practice are rushing to fill this demand by learning new techniques and acquiring technology such as N.I.L. (Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture) commonly known as Tickle Lipo for the tickling sensation some patients experience during a procedure. With a side benefit of harvesting your own fat from another part of the body, women are getting a dual benefit from such procedures.

Quality of Fat Critical to Success of Fat Grafting Procedures

The announcement of clinical studies showing the high quality of ADRC’s (adipose regenerative cells) from Tickle Lipo’s Cell Rich Fat Transfer is also making waves within the cosmetic surgery industry. Since the success of fat grafts from one body part to the other during cosmetic procedures such as Brazilian Lift is dependent on the quality of cells in the fat, Tickle Lipo has already demonstrated that its technology leads the industry in quality of fat from its Cell Rich Fat Transfer.

Whether Physician or Patient – Tickle Lipo Should Be Your Choice of Technology

Brazilian butt lift using NILWhy is this important? High quality fat results in successful outcomes during cosmetic procedures without having to overfill due to the body’s absorption of fat. If you’re a patient you’ll want to demand Tickle Lipo be used for YOUR procedure. Click here to find out more.

Top plastic surgeons will want to ensure they have the latest laser lipo technology in their practice that produces the best results and the happiest patients. Contact us TODAY to find out more.

Podcast Provides More Details for Cosmetic Surgeons on Benefits of Cell Rich Fat

Tickle Lipo PodcastLast week Tickle Lipo provided an update on the cellular content of adipose tissue harvested using Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture (N.I.L.). Medical Alliance Services, the US distributors for TICKLE LIPO, and Millennium Medical Technologies, creators of MMT Adipose Processing Systems, announced the joint effort entitled: “Cell Rich Fat by TICKLE LIPO.”

The Podcast discussed the latest research and information on the cellular makeup of the adipose derived tissue harvested by TICKLE LIPO or Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture (N.I.L.) and why Cell Rich Fat Transfer by TICKLE LIPO is a simple, fast, gentle, and low cost fat harvesting transfer method, which yields quality re-injectable adipose tissue with high potency of adipose regenerative cells (ADRCs).

Cell Rich Fat Transfer from NILThis podcast is the first part of a series of podcasts, which are focused on providing physicians and institutions with updated information related to harvesting cell rich fat, while utilizing Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture (N.I.L.), affectionately called Tickle Lipo, and their options for processing adipose tissue.

For physicians who are harvesting fat through liposuction for fat grafting purposes to be used in such cosmetic procedures as facial fillers, natural breast augmentation, and Brazilian butt lift; the podcast provided the clinical details behind the compelling reasons to use Tickle Lipo for successful fat graft procedures resulting in happy patients with positive outcomes.

Though Medical Alliance Services and MMT continue to support additional study, the success of existing results cannot be ignored. To get further details on the benefits of Tickle Lipo or to receive access to the Podcast, click here.


When In Rome… Discuss Fat Grafting Like the Romans Do!

Fat Grafting Major Topic at Event Held in Rome

Fat grafting for natural breast augmentation and Brazilian butt liftOn March 9-11, Rome was the scene of the International Society of Plastic Regenerative Surgery (ISPRES) with doctors from 45 countries represented. The program was full of topics related to use of ADRC’s for fat grafting and specific fat grafting techniques, including the harvesting, survivability, grafting techniques for specific procedures, and results of fat grafts.

The world is just beginning to discover the potential of fat grafts for cosmetic and regenerative procedures and Tickle Lipo’s Cell Rich Fat Transfer is in the forefront of this cosmetic surgery revolution due to its clinically documented high quality of fat and cells using “Tickle Lipo” as the technology for harvesting the fat to be used in these procedures.

Body Contouring Using Your Own Fat

Consumers of cosmetic procedures are becoming more aware of how they can lose fat and also discovering the possibilities of body contouring using their own fat for such enhancements as natural breast augmentation and Brazilian butt lift. While the desire for bigger buttocks is being driven by many celebrities and acquiring a Jlo butt has become part of our iconic language, woman who are looking to get bigger breasts, have always been concerned about breast implants and have been looking for an alternative which will give them a natural breast augmentation.

Overfilling using facial fillers and injectables

Ashley Judd "Pillow Face" From Overfilling

With the advent of Cell Rich Fat Transfer, the physician no longer needs to overfill graft areas due to the high absorption rate of the body’s own fat. Over filling can create disastrous outcomes especially in the face. This makes the use of one’s own fat in place of “man made” injectables a reality with a high success rate for filling the nasolabial folds or to acquire fuller lips.

To find out more about Tickle Lipo as the technology of choice for your procedure, click here.

Physicians who want to enhance their practice using Cell Rich Fat Transfer for fat grafting procedures click here.